Teens Gambling Addiction Is Becoming A Genuine Problem

Teen Gambling has become a popular pursuit in last few years. One of the biggest obsessions amongst teens is playing online poker games. Teenagers have some common characteristic when they gamble. This includes playing with fixed amount of money and they become broke once they are left with no money. For them, gambling is just a part of passing scarce time for amusement and delight. They usually avoid betting on large stakes. They are not regular customers of casinos as they limit playing once or twice in a week.

Research has shown that the number of high school teens have insignificantly increased when it comes to monthly use of Internet gambling sites between years 2008 and 2010 (from 2.7% to 6.2%), but around 530,000 teens particularly from high schools are still using gambling sites per month. Among high school females, the study reveals that fairer gender used to gamble quite less than males, but most recent survey shows a significant rise in few types of offline gambling, mostly connected to sports. About 9.5% of high school girls are being engaged in sports betting in the year 2008. In year 2010 there is a significant increase of about 22% doing the same.

It is no surprise that teen gambling has considerably increased in the last few years.  Many teens that are addicted to gamble either uses online gambling or just do it with friends. Gambling can transform teen’s social behavior into a serious addiction problem. In today’s generation teens are living in the society where they have an access to each and everything i.e. from internet to innovative technologies. Moreover, legalized gambling is not only prompted through various channels but also widely accepted which makes teen to get involved in gambling extensively.

Teens gambling are usually of two types: Pathological gambling and social gambling. Social gambling implies gambling only at the time of some occasion or during social interaction. Teens suffering from social gambling only play for amusement and they don’t have to worry about trailing or winning the game. However, pathological gambling is more ominous in comparison to that of social gambling. About 4 to 7 % of teens exhibit this type of gambling problem. They mostly play online and have no worries of using credit cards. As a result, they usually put high stakes on large pots. They make each and every possible attempt to be in the game and keep on playing until they win the big one.

Some signs of teen gambling addiction include appearing apprehensive or distracted while doing work. They usually have impenetrable absence from schools or colleges. They always try to remain at home and are involved in spending lots of hours in online gaming site. They often steal and lie and are under great debts. Monitoring gambling teens play an important role in preventing teens from getting addict to gambling. Importance of social gambling and effects of gambling addiction should be taught to them. Consequences in terms of money loss, getting habitual or addicted, and temptation to engage in social behavior should be explained to teens for the betterment of their lives. Online betting in Malaysia has showed a drastic raise in the recent years as well.